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The 5 Most Beautiful Places in the World – Official Ranking 2018

What are the most beautiful places in the world to visit and the most extraordinary destinations? Breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary places, ideal travel destinations. Here is 2018 ranking of the 5 most beautiful places on the planet!

5 – Golden Circle Route, Islanda

  • Type of visit : To travel the road you do not pay anything but the main stages of the tour are paid.
  • Period indicated : Summer – Spring

Let’s go to Europe, now, to admire the Golden Circle Route in Iceland. This is a very fascinating touristic itinerary, with three main stages:

  • the Pingvellir National Park is a territory full of rifts due to continuous tectonic movements. One of these cracks is full of coins, thrown in by visitors, according to tradition based on European legends;
  • The Gullfoss waterfall takes your breath away : 20 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long, it has a very particular path, which extends over three levels;
  • Finally, the Haukadalur geothermal valley which houses two active geysers: the Strokkur that erupts about every 5-10 minutes and the Geysir that erupts about four times a day.

Beyond these three stages, the whole area offers a landscape full of waterfalls , and an active geothermal valley with geysers that hurl boiling water in the air up to 70 meters in height: very impressive, but to be visited with caution! 

4 – Trolltunga, Norway

  • Type of visit : Guided guided excursion
  • Period indicated : from around mid-June to mid-September

Also in Europe, in Norway, we go to Trolltunga, a piece of rock that extends horizontally … into nothingness! The name means ” language of the troll “, because of its shape that recalls the language of the characters typical of the mythology of northern Europe . 
From it you can admire the underlying Ringedalsvanet lake and the marvelous game of peaks of the surrounding Norwegian fjords . It’s the perfect place to sit and reflect, or better to raise your arms to the sky and feel masters of the world!

3 – Angkor Wat, Cambogia

  • Type of visit : paid (1.3-day or weekly ticket)
  • Period indicated : from November to February, but better to avoid the December festivals to not find too much crowd.

We are in Cambodia, and we find ourselves admiring the largest Hindu temple in the world , built during the reign of the Khmer , and famous for its peculiar style and its architecture treated in detail. The majestic sandstone construction was born at the behest of King Suryavarman II, as a mausoleum for his worship after death. 
Inside the archaeological park of Angkor , the building stands surrounded by a moat and is consecrated to Vishnu. For fans of video games, the temple was chosen for the setting of games such as Tekken and Tomb Rider ! An unusual reason to go and visit this magnificent work of man.

2 – Great Blue Hole, Caraibi

  • Type of visit : Paid immersion (price of 280 $)
  • Period indicated : from December to May

It is a 123 meter deep underwater karst dolina, located east of Belize in the Caribbean Sea , inside the Lighthouse Reef atoll .  It was formed during the last Ice Age as a limestone cave : when the sea level rose, the cave became flooded and took on the appearance it presents today. 
It is known to be one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world , as it offers a submarine landscape full of stalactites and typical aspects of a cave, now submerged, and a native fauna with different species of sharks including the blacktip reef shark. . 

1 – Antelope Canyon, Arizona

  • Type of visit : paid (guided tours from 30 to 80 dollars)
  • Period indicated : from April to July

We must fly to Arizona, on the land of the Navajos , to remain breathless in front of this spectacle of nature: the Antelope Canyon, which consists of two separate formations, made of a reddish sandstone rock , which has been shaped by water and from the wind, and has created a dense network of caves and tunnels inside which beams of light enter, creating such a perfect and sinuous environment that seems to be designed.