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10 among the most spectacular landscapes in the world

Some natural and artificial ninety pieces that our planet puts at our disposal. Discover the most beautiful landscapes and views of the Earth.

Natural landscapes have magical power. Often they leave us there, speechless, in front of breathtaking shows for minutes and minutes, contemplating those wonderful places that our planet allows us to admire. We decided to retrace with you some of these shows that can be found around the world.

Latrabjarg Islanda
Vast cliffs and the largest colony in the world of Magpies . At 450 meters above sea level, you will have a stunning view over foggy beaches.

Salto Angel Venezuela
You will find yourself in front of the highest waterfall in the world . An impressive waterfall, nestled in the fantastic Canaima Natural Park.

Monte Everest
For the people who live near the highest peak in the world , this mountain is like a real divinity. Of course, reaching the top is difficult and only a few experts have succeeded, but once you arrive in the surrounding lands you can admire unique views.

Cascate Iguazú
Try to imagine a series of 270 waterfalls that follow each other. The result? An extraordinary view of the Garganta del Diablo , which marks the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Golden Gate Bridge
You’ve probably seen it at least a dozen times at home, on your television, while you were watching some American movies. Well, if you have not seen it live yet, know that the view is suggestive.

Great Wall of China
A millenarian history mixed with breathtaking views along all of its 6,300km in length. It is no coincidence that the Great Wall of China is among the seven wonders of the modern world.

Grand Canyon
Gorges that reach 1,600 meters deep , colors that vary depending on the sunlight and a landscape dominated by the rock. The Grand Canyon is a daydream.

Moraine Lake Canada
In Canada, in the Valley of the Ten Peaks , you can admire a picturesque landscape, where you will suddenly feel like you’ve entered a storybook.

Trolltunga Norway
A rock suspended at 700 meters above a stunning natural landscape. The climb takes about 8 hours, but once you get up there you do not want to go down.

Top of the Rock di New York
The climb to the top of the skyscraper will make you understand right from the start how spectacular this vantage point is. A 360 degree view of New York .

Top of the Rock

These 10 unique panoramas will leave you speechless and you will find yourself in front of some jewels that our world is able to offer us. Waterfalls, impressive peaks, ancient walls and rocks suspended in nothingness: the world is a sight that deserves to be discovered every day. If you want to keep looking back, take a look at the 10 most spectacular places in the world . Never stop traveling and exploring.